Vital Rates of
North American Landbirds
David F. DeSante, Danielle R. Kaschube, and James F. Saracco
  The Institute for Bird Populations
This website provides results of temporal and spatial analyses of capture-mark-recapture and constant-effort capture-rate data on 158 landbird species collected as part of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program between 1992 and 2006.  The objectives of these analyses are to provide estimates of, and explore relationships among, the vital rates and demographic parameters of each of these species in order to provide hypotheses regarding the demographic drivers of temporal and spatial variation in their population dynamics, especially as these results may help inform research, management, and conservation efforts for them.


This website is dedicated to the landbirds of North America,
especially to those millions of individual birds that have flown into mist nets; been held securely in that strong soft webbing; been removed by the skilled and loving hands of that most unpredictable of all creatures, the human being; been stared at, marveled over, measured, weighed, and subjected to all manner of indignities – ranging from having their skulls examined to having their cloacae inspected; been fitted with a tiny shiny numbered bracelet on their foot; and been released back into the wild with a wish and a prayer that they and all of their kind would thrive in this rapidly changing, but still oh so beautiful, world;
and to the hundreds of MAPS operators and their thousands of volunteer bird banders who have so diligently and accurately collected the data that have made this website possible.


Results and Discussion for Individual Species
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